100 DualSun hybrid panels regenerate geothermal wells in Norway!

  • 2019
  • Kringsjå, Norway
  • Power output : 28kWc + 91,2kWth
  • Panels : 100 DualSun Hybrid Panels
Realisation-1_Oslo-solar-geothermal energy-dualsun

We are in the student village of Kringsjå in Norway. It is located 15 minutes from downtown Oslo by public transport. Kringsjå is a haven of peace. Around the village there are huge tracks for walking, swimming, running or skiing. Not for nothing is the Norwegian School of Sports Science located nearby!

One of the student residences has chosen an energy model never before deployed in these latitudes: 100 DualSun hybrid solar panels coupled to a DHW tank and geothermal wells! We tell you all about it here.

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The student village in Kringsjå has had many renovations in recent years. What is interesting is that the work undertaken has been based, among other things, on information gathered in a survey sent to all the residents of Kringsjå in autumn 2017!

Locally, they want to continue the development of this village and, in the coming years, completely renovate it and build more housing.

Moreover, the installation deployed here is beautiful to see: 100 Made In France hybrid solar panels installed on a flat roof. These are connected to a geothermal probe and a heat pump. The project was carried out by Solcellespecialisten and Free Energy.

Storing solar energy on the ground thanks to geothermal energy is an innovative idea. With such a system, energy can be captured, stored and valorized in a single system. In this way, buildings can be heated or cooled in an environmentally friendly and economical way.

In this way, DualSun makes use of locally available renewable energies, such as solar energy, and uses the subsoil as thermal storage. This storage system is also applicable to new buildings as well as to renovations.

For those who want to know how the solar panels are resistant to snow, DualSun solar panels are suitable for all types of climates. In addition, they are certified and tested for snow resistance.

Technical information

Characteristics Student residence
Number of panels 100 DualSun SPRING Hybrid Panels
Power output 28kWc + 91,2kWth
Rooftop installation IBC Solar AeroFix 15-S system, ballasted on flat roof
Thermal system Geothermal heat pump
Photovoltaic system Centralized Inverters