In Rainbow, Australia, the pool is heated by hybrid solar energy

  • 2021
  • Rainbow, Australia
  • Power output : 9 kWp
  • Panels : 24 hybrids

What an energy efficiency success story for Hindmarsh Shire Council’s swimming pool. Since they installed the Dualsun hybrid solar panel system, they have been saving a lot of energy and money! It can also heat its water again, much to the delight of the residents of the small town of Rainbow in Western Victoria, Australia.

The Shire was looking for a new, long-lasting system to replace the existing solar pool heating system which was non-functioning due to age and damage caused by birds at the popular community pool.

The installation was performed by our local partner Supreme Heating. It offsets the operating costs while reducing the carbon footprint of the building!

Because its heating system was outdated, Hindmarsh Shire Council was looking for a new, sustainable, and economical system for the Rainbow Swimming Pool.

Incorporating 24 PVT (photovoltaic thermal) panels with a combined output of 9kWs, the Dualsun system generates free electricity for the facility offsetting the operational costs when the facility is operating. When the pool is closed during the winter months, this energy is delivered back into the local electricity network providing additional revenues for the Shire.

The Dualsun system, an innovation made in France, was chosen because of its ability to perform two functions:

The Dualsun system generates free electricity for the system, which offsets the operational costs when the system is running. However, when the pool is closed during the winter months, this energy is fed back into the local power grid, generating additional revenue!

The Dual effect incorporating the pool water also has a cooling effect on the photovoltaic production, which increases the electrical output.

The system was coupled with Supreme Heatings innovative Suntuf system to boost the warm water output ensuring the pool is warm for the local community.

On the installation side, the panels allow for easy installation and fit a variety of roof configurations. The panels are connected by watertight fittings without the need for glue or clamps, ensuring a strong, leak-free connection.

The system comes with a 25-year performance guarantee, ensuring high electrical and thermal energy production.

The system will ensure that the Rainbow community has a long-term solution to enjoy the community asset for many years to come.

“3 phase Fronius consumption monitor 100% self consuming during the summer operational months and in Winter, 100% back to the energy grid”

Technical information

Characteristics Municipal swimming pool
Number of panels 24 Dualsun SPRING hybrid solar panels
Power output 9 kWp
Rooftop installation On-roof, North orientation What inclination 15° pitch
Thermal system Heating pool coupled with 180m² Heatseeker Suntuf Rigid heating system
Photovoltaic system Fronius Symo 8.2