Solar panels + heat pump: Rognac's quest for energy self-sufficiency

  • 2021
  • Rognac, France
  • Power output : 6 kWp
  • Panels : 16 photovoltaic panels

Tahar, a lifelong resident of Rognac, is a welder in a nuclear power plant and works particularly in high-pressure refineries.

There are still 4 of them living in his main 200 m2 house on a 900 m2 plot. In 2021, he had 16 DualSun solar panels installed and is delighted: “I’m happy with the panels and the company that installed them.”

He tells us.

Tahar’s approach began with a conversation with someone close to him. Although he hadn’t thought about it until 2021, rising electricity prices made him more aware of the technology.

Tahar was looking for energy self-sufficiency. Using his solar panels and his heat pump at the same time, knowing that the surplus produced is sold to EDF, makes perfect sense. He would even have liked to install the DualSun hybrid solar panels, but didn’t inquire about them at the time of installation.

If he’s happy with his investment 2 years later, it’s because he used the right tools and met the right people:

  • An efficient solar simulator to show him the ideal number of solar panels and expected savings
  • A high-quality, highly competitive solar panel supplier
  • A good installer partner in the DualSun network, who was able to answer all his questions and take perfect care of his project.

Thanks to his app, Tahar can keep track of his solar production, a very practical tool for realizing the savings he’s made every day!

Technical information

Characteristics House
Number of panels 16 DualSun FLASH photovoltaic panels
Power output 6 kWp
Photovoltaic system Micro-inverters, self-consumption with sale of surplus electricity