8 FLASH photovoltaic solar panels to prepare for the future

  • 2022
  • Cassis, France
  • Power output : 3 kWp
  • Panels : 8 photovoltaic

How do you choose the right solar panels when you have several different quotes? That’s the question Alain asked himself in early 2022!

He tells us why he finally chose DualSun FLASH panels.

“I had done a survey to find out which solar panels were at the top of the quality range, and DualSun solar panels came up every time.”

Alain, retired near Cassis, owns a 100 m2 south-facing house.

He and his wife wanted to install solar panels for 2 main reasons. Firstly, out of ecological conviction. Secondly, to put an end to the regular increases in energy prices and prepare for the future.

So Alain made several quotes from several installation companies offering different brands of solar panels.

From there, here’s what was decisive for him.

  • Choose a solar panel brand that is popular on the Internet
  • Choose a manufacturer located close to home
  • Choose a solar panel with the longest warranty
  • Opt for a local installer

And so, naturally, he chose our DualSun panels!

To find out how many DualSun solar panels they would need for their energy requirements, Alain and his wife used the MyDualSun tool presented to them by our partner installer.

Thanks to the calculation algorithm, they were able to find out the expected production with DualSun FLASH solar panels, the amount of savings over 25 years, available grants, the energy coverage rate and even the project’s economic and ecological payback time!

With two people living there year-round, 3 kWp was just what they needed.


“The installation went very well in terms of competence and friendliness, and the panels work very well”. Alain now recommends DualSun panels!

Technical information

Characteristics Maison
Number of panels 8 DualSun FLASH photovoltaic solar panels
Power output 3 kWp
Rooftop installation South-facing, 30° inclination
Photovoltaic system Micro-inverters, self-consumption with sale of surplus electricity