The Biotech Dental factory is equipped with 85 kWp of DualSun panels!

  • 2022
  • Salon-de-Provence, France
  • Power output : 85 kWp
  • Panels : 208 photovoltaic panels + 4 hybrid panels
usine Biotech Dental 212 panneaux DualSun

Biotech Dental’s new production site in Salon de Provence was equipped with 212 DualSun solar panels in 2022!

Indeed, this 4,000 m2 building dedicated to the manufacture of Smilers transparent aligners and able to accommodate 250 employees was built with a real energy vision. Particular attention was paid to thermal insulation but also to energy generation.

“During the day, I think the building is completely autonomous” according to Philippe Véran!

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Energy efficiency in buildings

Philippe Véran is the founding president of the Biotech Dental group, a company specializing in medical equipment for dentists and an emblematic entrepreneur of Made in France in the region. With Florent Miquel, Vice President, the question of the building’s energy efficiency was addressed from the start of the project.

To absorb the energy needs of this industrial building in a renewable way, solar panels quickly appeared as an obvious solution. The idea was also to mitigate the exponential increase in energy prices. Therefore, the location in Salon de Provence was also made in this sense, given the 300 days of sunshine per year!

The choice of DualSun was not made at random. If Philippe Véran and Florent Miquel have chosen DualSun it is for :

All these elements have allowed to realize this project with speed and confidence. The Soleio company, in contact with the general contractor GSE, took care of the project.

In his testimony, Florent Miquel strongly recommends our DualSun solution for the quality of the communication and the seriousness of the solution provided. Whether it’s for industrial installations like theirs or for smaller domestic installations.

It is the same for Philippe Véran: “We are extremely satisfied with our photovoltaic panels, it is a solution that I recommend to many company managers that I meet and I promote this solution that we have applied ourselves, so it is for me a solution of the future and that we must absolutely develop”.


MyDualSun to prepare the building site

In the project preparation phase, the use of the MyDualSun simulator was very useful. It allowed the various alternatives to be evaluated in relation to the available roof surfaces and the orientation of the building.

Even if the installation is still quite recent in this building, Florent Miquel already observes the contribution made by the DualSun technology. He is therefore extremely satisfied with the solution. With Philippe Véran, they will nevertheless remain attentive to the solar production generated by the system during the following months and especially during the summer periods.

“It was important today, given the energy crisis we are experiencing, to try to have the maximum autonomy in terms of the energy life of our building. For the solar panels, it was obvious that we would choose the DualSun solution since it is a company from Marseille that is managed by two young talented co-founders that I know and it was obvious to take their solution which, in any case, for me is the best on the market today”. Philippe Véran

Technical information

Characteristics Factory
Number of panels 208 DualSun FLASH photovoltaic panels + 4 DualSun SPRING hybrid panels
Power output 85 kWp
Rooftop installation Flat roof
Photovoltaic system Micro-inverters, self-consumption