Asbestos removal and installation of solar panels on a covered market - Sancoins (FR)

  • 2016
  • Sancoins, France
  • Power output : 2.3MWp + 6.73 kWth
  • Panels : 18 hybrids + 8,000 photovoltaics

The town of Sancoins has come up with an ingenious solution to the problem of asbestos on the 3.2-hectare roof of its livestock market! How?

By installing thousands of photovoltaic and hybrid solar panels on the market’s roof.

The operation cost “zero euros”! The work was financed by Armorgreen, who in return will operate the solar power plant for 20 years.

Winner of the CRE 2 call for tenders

DualSun is delighted to have contributed to the Parc des Grivelles solar power plant, one of the largest in France!

In April 2014, the Sancoins solar rooftop project was the winner of the CRE 2 call for tenders, and was the only dossier selected by the CRE in the Centre – Val de Loire region, all project categories combined! DualSun was able to take part in this call for tenders thanks to its excellent Simplified Carbon Study (ECS).

To solve the asbestos problem on its huge livestock market, the town of Sancoins in the Cher region replaced the 3.2 hectares of roofing concerned with thousands of photovoltaic and hybrid solar panels. The cost to the town was “zero euros”, as the work was financed by the Armorgreen company, which in return will operate the huge solar roof for 20 years.

A 2.3 MW photovoltaic solar power plant

The 2.3 MW solar power plant is the largest solar roof in the Centre Val de Loire region.

14,000m² of photovoltaic panels and DualSun hybrid solar panels cover the best-exposed wings.

The solar power plant will produce 2,500,000 kWh/year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 1,000 households, or 1/3 of the commune. This was established on the basis of ADEME’s estimate of a French household’s electricity consumption of 2,500 kWh/year excluding heating.

The thermal hot water produced by the DualSun solar panels will be used to cover the needs of the restaurant located in the building.

Parc des Grivelles comprises three wings, each 70 meters wide and 120 to 180 meters long, forming a three-pointed star. The entire building represents 32,000 m² of roof space and houses a livestock market, a roadside restaurant and a timber warehouse.


Interview with the project manager

Sébastien Philadelphe,
Design and Implementation Project Manager at Armorgreen Centre Ouest


My name is Sébastien Philadelphe, and I’ve been working at Armorgreen Centre Ouest since 2012 as Project Manager. I’m in charge of the design and construction of power plants, particularly the one in Sancoins.

Armorgreen is primarily specialized in photovoltaic power plants, but as I myself have skills in thermal power I can follow hybrid projects for example. For the AO CRE 2 file, we submitted a call for tenders for this project, with DualSun hybrid panels in the innovation family.

How did you hear about DualSun?

Given that this livestock market building had photovoltaic needs, but also thermal needs, we looked internally to see if we already knew of solutions to meet these hot water requirements. Sébastien Debet, another project manager, knew DualSun and recommended it to us.

Why did you choose DualSun?

The DualSun solution matched our needs perfectly, both in terms of cost and performance.

How did the installation go?

We installed the panels with our in-house teams. There was no particular complexity, and the site and installation went very smoothly.

Would you recommend DualSun to your customers for other projects?

Yes, absolutely. There’s good value for money, and installation is fairly straightforward.

The panels are exactly what was sold, and they supply the site with hot water as planned. We’ll be doing DualSun projects again if we get the chance!

Technical information

Characteristics Cattle market with restaurant
Number of panels 18 DualSun hybrid panels + 8,000 photovoltaic panels
Power output 2.3MWp + 6.73 kWth
Rooftop installation Roof integration (EASYROOF system), south-facing, 12° pitch
Thermal system 600L Sonnenkraft storage tank, electrical back-up for the restaurant's heating needs
Photovoltaic system Full sale of electricity to EDF