Swimming pool and energy self-sufficient house with 24 hybrid solar panels + heat pump coupling

  • 2017
  • Sivry-Courtry, France
  • Power output : 5,04kWc + 6,73kWth
  • Panels : 18 hybrids + 6 photovoltaic

Pascal and his wife share with their two children a 150 m2 house located in Sivry-Courtry in the Paris region. A train driver for the RATP, Pascal has been involved in ecology for several years. For example, he has built his entire geothermal heating system using air-to-air heat pumps. The system feeds his underfloor heating “I don’t have a single radiator hanging on the walls”, he told us when we met him.

Pascal wanted to heat his swimming pool “because in the Paris region, we are not in a place where the pool will heat by itself”. That’s how he was introduced to our hybrid technology.

In the end, he installed 18 DualSun hybrid panels with 6 photovoltaic panels.

With a 2-in-1 solar panel, both thermal and photovoltaic, he was able to produce twice as much on the same surface, an economical and ecological solution that immediately appealed to him: “I’ve made huge savings since I’ve been equipped”.

If he chose to install solar panels, it was to reduce his carbon footprint and contribute to the preservation of the planet.

The work site went very well, in good harmony with the solar installer in his region and the DualSun teams: “I have a good feedback”, he told us more than 3 years after the installation.

On the production side, Pascal is very satisfied with his thermal production “in general, my pool is at more than 30 degrees in the summer”. On the photovoltaic production side, he may have regretted that his house is not south-facing. Indeed, with a westerly orientation, winter production is not optimal to be energy self-sufficient. Fortunately, spring and summer make up for these three less efficient months.

More details with this article: Which inclination and orientation of the solar panel to choose?

“I would recommend DualSun, in fact that’s what I did to a friend who came to help me remove my tiles.”

Technical information

Characteristics House + 8 x 4 m swimming pool
Number of panels 18 DualSun hybrid panels + 6 photovoltaic panels
Power output 5,04kWc + 6,73kWth
Rooftop installation Roof integration (EASY ROOF system), west facing, 30° inclination
Thermal system 300L geothermal storage tank with geothermal energy
Photovoltaic system Micro-inverters Enphase, total electricity sales