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Hybrid solar installation on a house – Paris region (FR)

Hybrid solar installation on a house – Paris region (FR)

In addition to an ecological motivation, Mr. Vaillant’s motivation to choose DualSun is really linked to his technophile fiber. He wanted to test DualSun, a new innovative and performing product on his house in Gentilly.

Mr. Vaillant even benefits from thermal monitoring on his solar installation. Indeed, his hybrid solar panels are connected to the T-Box, a communication box designed by us.

In fact, the T-Box exploits the flow and temperature information of the system. It will then display the thermal monitoring on any screen. In addition, the T-Box allows remote monitoring of the DualSun installation. This facilitates the transfer of information and limits the number of after-sales services!

Renaud Vaillant is a family man and an entrepreneur. Creator of CRYOLOG and currently CEO at Theravectys, a biotechnology company. Mr. Vaillant is a special character for the founders of DualSun since he taught them at École Centrale Paris. He is therefore not only a client but also a good advisor in the development of our young French start-up.



Technical Information

CharacteristicsHouse of 5 people
Number of solar panels12 DualSun Hybrid Panels
Power output3kWc + 4,5kWth
Roof installationIn-roof (EASYROOF system), south-west orientation, inclination 30°.
Thermal system300L tank with gas boiler top-up
Photovoltaic systemTotal sale of electricity
Installation date

Schematic of thermal system


Schéma de l’installation le 6 mai 2018 à 15h15


Cliquez ici pour voir l’installation en temps réel


Température du système en mai 2018


Nous observons qu’en intersaison,

l’eau chaude sanitaire des panneaux est atteint des températures entre 45-61°C tous les jours, hors appoint !

Cliquez ici pour voir les températures des derniers 30 jours

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