DualSun produces heat and electricity to meet our everyday energy needs

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DualSun, our missionWhen we created DualSun in 2010, our objective was to bring to market a simple solution to meet our basic energy needs.

For us at DualSun, the fact to be able to heat and light our homes, take showers, have electricity readily available, seems logical and indispensable. Meanwhile, energy costs are rising and more and more homes are facing energy insecurity.

Energy access is becoming a basic comfort, and we hope that it does not need to become a luxury. Our mission at DualSun is to propose simple and adapted systems that produce heat and electricity to meet our everyday energy needs.

It is an ambitious mission.

We started by developing an essential building block: the DualSun. The DualSun is a unique solar panel that produces simultaneously electricity and hot water on the same surface. After 3 years of development, the technology is now industrialized, protected by multiple patents, and has just received European certification allowing to enter the market.

We have installed DualSun on 20 reference buildings to demonstrate the technology’s viability and performance. These pilot installations include a social housing building, a mountain chalet, a wooden passive house, as well as multiple homes all over France. For these installations, the hot water is stored in a hot water tank, and the electricity is either consumed locally, or injected into the grid.

Today, our company is capable of proposing simple, competitive, and smart systems that provide hot water and electricity for homes and buildings. It is an important first step, but we are not stopping our development there.

Our team of engineers is continuing to cultivate new ideas of energy systems that are more complete and accessible, allowing to heat buildings, cool them, or even store electricity produced during the day to be consumed at night.

Always with the same objective: to conserve our basic energy comfort, in spite of uncertain and rising energy costs.

Jérôme MOUTERDE – CEO at DualSun

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