With DualSun Nordic, DualSun opens a second office in Europe and accelerates its international expansion

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Marseille – November, 14th 2023
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On an international scale, the focus on carbon-neutral buildings continues to grow in response to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. With this in mind, and aware of the new markets to be conquered, DualSun is continuing its expansion into Northern Europe. After more than 3 years of fruitful collaboration, the French manufacturer DualSun has officially announced the integration of Zero Carbon Tech AB, an expert in the Nordic region.

Zero Carbon Tech AB was initially established to help the Nordic energy and construction market in the green transition, by maximizing the yield of solar energy in various forms. Zero Carbon Tech AB now becomes DualSun Nordic AB. 

DualSun chooses the Nordic markets to continue its worldwide expansion

Last year the French manufacturer of solar panels announced a €10 million financing round, with the objective to become a leading European solar manufacturer and an active player in the decarbonization of the building sector. This fundraising was mainly to finance DualSun’s international deployment, and find assets to pursue its mission by developing high-performance solar panels that reduce the carbon emissions of our homes and buildings.

The Nordics have always had great potential for hybrid panels: The benefits of hybrid panels are increasing dramatically when combined with geothermal heat pumps. Having perfectly understood that, DualSun has worked together with Zero Carbon tech AB for several years, as Dualsuns exclusive Nordic distributor. 

With this strong collaboration in the Nordics, DualSun and Zero Carbon tech AB developed the solar hybrid heat pumps applications together. Indeed, DualSun valued both the technical know-how and the entrepreneurial drive by Zero Carbon tech AB founders Marcus Kanewoff and Jakob Jamot, who have a very clear idea of the way in which products should be distributed in the Nordic countries especially. Both have successfully tested and improved a distribution strategy and brand promotion mix which has allowed their turnover and profitability to grow very fast in recent years, thus allowing the international expansion.

Swedish Magnolia apartment buildings development in Lund where the PV-T + Heat Pump energy system designed by Kraftringen lowers the carbon footprint achieved with district heating alone. This DualSun solar installation combines 168 PV-T and 150 PV panels.

Introducing the new DualSun hub in Sweden : DualSun Nordic

To strengthen DualSun presence and its customer offering in the Nordic markets, DualSun has decided to fully integrate Zero Carbon Tech AB to become its Nordic team and fully deploy its business model in this region.

“The team behind DualSun Nordic AB has 10 years of experience in the combination of solar thermal energy and heat pumps, which strengthens us in our internationalisation. At the same time, with the integration, we can support the Nordic team and their customers with our almost 100 employees in France and create synergies between all the countries covered by DualSun. With hybrid panel production in Europe, we can offer the lowest possible CO2 footprint and good customer service, which Top Brand PV award in 2021, 2022 and 2023 is an expression of.” says Jérôme Mouterde, co-founder and CEO of DualSun 

With the launch of the DualSun Nordic, Zero Carbon Tech’s role also changes from a Nordic agent to a leading European producer, which is very positive for all customers. 

“It also opens the possibility of becoming a strong partner to the solar wholesalers, and here we are very happy to be able to announce our collaboration with Senergia as a Nordic distribution partner.” says Marcus Kanewoff, CEO of the DualSun Nordic AB.

From left : DualSun CEO Jérôme Mouterde, ZCT CEO Marcus Kanewoff, DualSun Technical Director Jean-Marie Drap, ZCT CTO Jakob Jamot at the signing ceremony in 2020 of the exclusive partnership with the French company DualSun for the Scandinavian market.

The power of DualSun SPRING hybrid panels in Nordic applications

With this integration, the core product of DualSun Nordic is SPRING solar-hybrid panels, where the solar energy is converted into both electricity and heat in the same panel, together with a design support to hybridize geothermal heat pumps of all brands to both new and existing systems. 

In Nordic applications, heat pumps in combination with hybrid panels are particularly interesting for projects where standards for zero- or plus energy houses are to be achieved: The solar energy yield is on average 4 times higher per m² than in solar photovoltaics panels

With SPRING hybrid panels, sun heat is released into the ground in summer for inter seasonal storage while the heat pump is mostly idled. This stored heat boosts the efficiency of the heat pump in winter, thanks to the higher brine temperature and drastically reduces peak power electrical consumption of the heating system.

The combination thus provides a basis for cost-effective heating solutions with minimum energy consumption, enabling  improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint of buildings, also allowing the DualSun team to pursue its main company mission.

Save the date

DualSun Nordic will be exhibiting at KVP-dagen trade fair in Stockholm on November 16th, 2023 (The Swedish Cooling & Heat Pump day). Hybrid panels (PV-T) in combination with geothermal heat pumps as a perfect match to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint in buildings will be demonstrated. Register as a visitor now to come and meet DualSun!

DualSun Nordic (represented by Marcus Kanewoff) at the Swedish Geoenergy Day in October 10-11, 2023 in Atlas Copco’s Gruvan mine in Stockholm

DualSun is a French manufacturer of solar panels, designer of the first certified hybrid solar panel in the world. This 2-in-1 panel produces both electricity and hot water. In total, it provides 3 times more energy than a standard photovoltaic panel while keeping the same dimensions. Certified “Made in France”, this panel is designed by a team of engineers based in Marseille and manufactured in a dedicated factory labeled “Vitrine Industrie du Futur” in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. DualSun also develops a range of photovoltaic solar panels that are among the most efficient on the market.

Zero Carbon Tech helps the Nordic energy- and construction industry in the green transition by maximizing the utilization of solar energy in all its forms.

As system specialists Zero Carbon Tech help their partners through training and tools to create and implement successful projects with solar hybrid panels.

Through optimized system solutions for each project high performance and good operating economy are ensured. High product quality creates sustainability and long-term profitability.

Presse Contact : Sébastien Gonfroy presse@dualsun.fr +33 6 12 37 13 75

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