Emelie Forsberg, environmentalist and skyrunning world champion

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Emelie Tina Forsberg is a Swedish athlete specialized in trail running and ski mountaineering. An environmentalist and mountain lover, she has reached many summits in her life, winning countless medals in skyrunning and ski mountaineering at the European and World Championships.


Emelie also writes an inspirational blog about health and exercise which makes any reader want to immediately throw on some sneakers and run up a mountain! Her life partner, Kilian Jornet, is also a champion skyrunner, and the power duo often face challenges together, inspiring a generation of mountain athletes around the world.

Emelie responds to our questions about renewable energy from her current residence in Norway:

In your opinion, what is the importance for developing solar and renewable power?

In order to live more sustainably on our planet, I think it’s very important to improve and develop renewable power sources, and solar panels are an important part of that. We need to keep in mind that our use of fossil energy or nuclear power works right now, but there are many question marks and these non-renewable sources are not sustainable for the planet.


What is your vision of solar energy in 20 years?

My dream is that our world is 100% powered by renewable power sources, in particular solar energy and that no nuclear or gasoline/fossile energy is used. My more realistic vision is close to my dream but I realize the gasoline/fossile will still be used in 20 years — but hopefully the numbers will have changed from today, maybe 50/50?

What do you think of when you hear “hybrid” or “2-in-1”?

It´s a good step towards a green future!


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