Study comparing PV/T modules shows that DualSun panels have the best thermal performances!

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We are proud to present a study conducted by the CEA and Institut National de l’Energie Solaire (INES) where 5 PV/T solar hybrid panels were tested under the exact same conditions to determine their thermal performances.  The results show that DualSun panels have the best thermal performances!

The tests were conducted in 2015 (for the DualSun Wave) and 2018 (for the DualSun Spring).  Each time, one or multiple competitors were tested with the DualSun panels.  

cea dualsun

At DualSun, from the conception of our hybrid PV/T (photovoltaic & thermal) panel, and especially with our patented heat exchanger, it is our core objective to design a completely integrated and optimised hybrid panel in terms of manufacturing, installation, and above all photovoltaic and thermal performance.  The results speak for themselves!

By looking at this graph, among the 5 tested panels, we observe that the power output of the DualSun hybrid panels are the highest at all operating temperatures!

With its superior power output and its competitive price, the DualSun panel is the most competitive solar panel in the world.  

For more technical details on this subject, please consult our article:

PV/T thermal performance explained!

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