Supreme Heating Offers new DualSun Electricity-Producing Pool Heating System

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AllState Journal – September 19th- read online

Perth, Australia – Sep 19, 2018 – Supreme Heating announced the availability of the Heatseeker DualSun Solar Electricity and Pool heating solution. The hybrid system is unique in that it produces electricity and heats the family swimming pool at the same time, providing one footprint and two solutions.

Supreme Heating and DualSun have worked together closely to develop the customized system and bring the innovative new product to market. The Heatseeker DualSun Solar Electricity and Pool Heatingsystem has received numerous accolades and awards since its introduction to the market.

The Australian Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA) awarded it the Product of the Year 2018 Award, a National Awards of Excellence 2018 Gold, and SA Awards of Excellence 2018 Gold for Sustainable Product. The groundbreaking system was also named the SPASA Victoria Awards of Excellence 2018 Gold Award for Product of the Year and the Awards of Excellence 2018 Gold Award for Sustainable Product.

The unique design features enhanced performance that increases electrical output. It’s a self-sustaining heating and energy production system that’s 100 percent renewable. The DualSun hybrid pool heating system is a responsible investment that pays for itself in very little time and offers a range of solutions for maximizing operational capabilities.

The new DualSun system’s cells are ultra-thin and utilize an innovative new type of heat exchanger that heats and transfers energy more efficiently. The system can provide for all the electricity needs of the swimming pool, including the filtration pump, along with the heat pump in some instances. Pool owners have the option of using the excess electricity that’s generated in their own homes or they can return it to the grid with a net-metering program.

As the water is heated and channeled to the pool, it’s also working to cool the system’s panels, thereby enabling it to work at peak performance and increasing efficiency by more than 20 percent. The new type of photovoltaic (PV) cells can produce up to four times more energy than traditional PV cells.

Supreme Heating is committed to providing energy efficient pool heating technology that’s efficient and effective. Offering the Heatseeker DualSun Solar Electricity and Pool heating system is one of the ways that the company is accomplishing that goal with solutions designed for consumers’ lifestyle.

About Supreme Heating

Established in 1990, Supreme Heating is an Australian owned company specializing in the design and installation of innovative, energy efficient pool heating solutions across Australia, Asia and New Zealand that are sustainable and planet-friendly. The company’s goal is to be recognized throughout Australasia as exceptional leaders, promoting and providing innovative energy efficient products to the swimming pool industry. Supreme Heating is a member of the Clean Energy Council, SPASA National, and Smart Approved WaterMark. Connect with the company on.

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