The news Heatseeker DualSun offer will heat up Australian pools

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Australia, meet DualSun! This past weekend was the commercial launch of Heatseeker DualSun for the Australian market at the SPASA Pool and Spa Expo in Melbourne (February 2-4, 2018). The “Zero Energy Pool” was a huge hit for our friends down under.

The Zero Energy Pool

ds panel heatseeker

For DualSun, summer has already arrived in 2018, thanks to our local partner Supreme Heating and the commercial launch of Heatseeker DualSun in Australia!

Established in 1990, Supreme Heating is a proud Australian owned company specialising in the design and installation of innovative, energy efficient pool heating solutions across the nation, and more recently throughout Asia and New Zealand.

We met Supreme Heating at the Piscine Global Expo in November 2016, where they instantly fell in love with the DualSun hybrid solar panel as a solution to their customers need to generate PV and heat their pools with the same panels. No need for rooftop competition!

Over the past year and half, DualSun and Supreme Heating have worked closely to develop a robust and customised pool heating solution for the Australian market: Heatseeker DualSun, The Zero Energy Pool.

dualsun spasa heatseeker supreme heating
Nordine de DualSun avec nos partenaires de Supreme Heating

« Solar Electricity + Pool Heating. One footprint, two solutions »

“The electricity generated by the high efficiency photovoltaic (PV) cells can cover all the electricity needs of your swimming pool (in particular, the pool equipment and in some cases, the heat pump). Any surplus electricity can be self-consumed in your home, or returned into the grid for a feed-in tariff or a net-metering program.

The internal heat exchanger allows direct connection to your pools water circuit. As the pool water flows through the heat exchanger, the water is heated whilst simultaneously cooling the panel, increasing the efficiency of the PV electrical generation.”

Take a look at Australia’s first DualSun installation

Our sales representative Nordine was in Australia this week to attend the SPASA Pool and Spa Expo with the Supreme Heating team, and his expectations were exceeded by the overwhelming enthusiasm and interest shown for Heatseeker DualSun! We are looking forward to the months ahead and supporting Supreme Heating to deploy Heatseeker DualSun all across Australia.

Are you located in Australia and interested in Heatseeker DualSun?

Contact Supreme Heating today!

Photo Gallery of SPASA Pool & Spa Expo

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