In New Zealand, 36 DualSun hybrid solar panels heat a swimming pool and spa

  • 2019
  • Ashburton, Nouvelle Zélande
  • Power output : 50 kWc
  • Panels : 36 hybrid panels + 96 photovoltaic panels
1-piscine solaire dualsun nouvelle zelande ashburton

The solar pool heating market in New Zealand has seen strong growth in recent years. This is why the DualSun solution with its SPRING hybrid solar panel is frequently chosen, so far from its French bases!

This is the case, for example, at the Lochlea Lifestyle Resort in Ashburton: 36 SPRING solar panels have been installed to heat the water and generate solar electricity for the pool and spa!

New Zealand is an interesting market for the SPRING DualSun panel. Firstly, because New Zealand enjoys a lot of sunshine, especially in the northern regions of the country. This enables solar installations to produce a considerable amount of electricity.

What’s more, New Zealand’s temperate climate means hot summers and lots of swimming pools. To extend the swimming season, there’s a real demand for pool heating solutions.

Beyond the price of electricity, the question of environmental impact is increasingly popular with New Zealanders. Solar pool heating is seen as an environmentally-friendly solution, as it uses a renewable energy source and reduces dependence on fossil fuels.

So, as in France, the New Zealand government offers grants to promote renewable energies, and solar heating is one of them. Opting for solar pool heating also means long-term savings. Although the initial installation is more expensive than other heating options (solar carpet, heat pump, tarpaulin), the system is more robust and powerful!

Technical information

Characteristics Pool and spa
Number of panels 36 DualSun SPRING hybrid panels + 96 photovoltaic solar panels
Power output 50 kWc
Rooftop installation Overlay, 25° North