Passive energy house with hybrid panels - Hérault (FR)

  • 2017
  • Herault, France
  • Power output : 2,8kWc + 4,04kWth
  • Panels : 10 hybrid

With their 5 year old daughter, they live in a new house of 160 m2 living space completed in 2017.

The whole house is passive in terms of energy, which was thought out from the start by applying simple rules.

Of course the insulation, but also benefit from direct solar energy. Thanks to large south-facing windows, the sun’s rays directly heat the house, which stores the heat in the structure. In addition, DualSun hybrid solar panels ensure the production of hot water and electricity.

An update on this 2017 project ⬇️

The RT2012 is already very good, but what if we could go even further? F. Tissot, 40 years old and a management controller, has chosen to be ahead of the thermal regulations.

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The Performance and Production of a Solar Panel [Guide]

Thanks to an intelligent coupling of the solar panels with a Daikin heat pump, the family uses the same system for everything. So they can heat in winter and cool in summer. In addition, they provide heating for the domestic water that is consumed on site.

This installation is reproducible on an infinite number of houses. To be ahead of energy regulations and enjoy a comfortable and energy-efficient passive house, efficient and accessible solutions exist, do your study for free on MyDualSun!


Frédéric’s story

Why did you decide to switch to hybrid solar?

With my wife we wanted to go further in energy saving than what is currently proposed with the RT2012. When our installer (the company Anéo) told us about the DualSun solar technology to produce and consume all energies, we very willingly accepted. This proposal is now more than satisfactory for us.

Have you noticed a reduction in your electricity bill?

Our house consumes half as much electricity thanks to the DualSun solar panels, which is extremely satisfying. This opens up other horizons as well, for example swimming pool heating with solar panels. After that, there may be other projects, for example the installation of batteries to store the energy produced during the day and release it in the evening, we will think about it in the future.

Do you have other solar-related desires?

When you start it’s difficult to stop, the possibilities are so great! Everything is given by our dearest sun, it would be a shame to deprive ourselves of it, it’s free. Of course, I recommend DualSun, not only because of its proven efficiency and reliability but also because of its ecological conscience. Today we have to move towards energy transition and the possibilities are immense.

Now that you’ve been in operation for 1 year, what do you think of your DualSun installation?

The installation carried out by the company was like a dream. The project was very carefully studied in relation to our needs, then we had plans that explained how it would work. The implementation was relatively easy since we are on a new house. Nothing was taken care of, everything was laid out perfectly. DualSun was able to do the adjustments and the performance optimization.

Technical information

Characteristics House of 3 persons
Number of panels 10 DualSun Hybrid Panels
Power output 2,8kWc + 4,04kWth
Rooftop installation On Roof (K2 system)
Thermal system 500L tank with electric A/E heat pump supplement
Photovoltaic system Micro-inverters In-phase, self-consumption