10 hybrid solar panels on flat roof - Nantes (FR)

  • 2019
  • Nantes, France
  • Power output : 2,8kWc + 3,23kWth
  • Panels : 8 SPRING et 2 FLASH

Olivier is married and father of 3 children. When they bought their 155m2 house located in the city centre of Nantes, they quickly sought to limit their electricity consumption.
In a logic of progressive rehabilitation, the priority for them was to modernize the electricity and hot water network.

“DualSun offered the best combination of electricity generation and hot water production. I think this is a very interesting solution”.


Indeed, in this 155m2 house, from the radiators to the hotplates, everything is electric. To overcome this, they wanted to bring different systems, including local energy production thanks to 8 DualSun SPRING® hybrid solar panels and 2 DualSun FLASH® photovoltaic solar panels. These 10 solar panels installed on the roof terrace provide solar hot water and electricity for the whole family. The whole system is coupled with a wood boiler.

Olivier and his wife got to know DualSun through a friend. This friend works at Bouygues, whose head office is equipped since 2014 with 300m2 of DualSun panels.

After a free study of the MyDualSun software, Olivier was put in touch with one of our approved installers in the Nantes area. The work was carried out over 3 days: “everything happened extremely quickly and everything is going well” he testifies a few months later.

So far, Olivier is very satisfied with the installation, “we had a nice hot summer and the panels worked well”, he even says he is ready to show his installation to anyone who would like to see it, he has even started to organise visits for his friends!


➕ Visit the installation: 300m2 of DualSun panels at the Bouygues head office – Guyancourt (FR)

“Everything happened extremely fast and everything is fine!”

Technical information

Characteristics House of 5 persons
Number of panels 8 DualSun SPRING hybrid panels and 2 DualSun FLASH photovoltaic panels
Power output 2,8kWc + 3,23kWth
Rooftop installation On flat roof
Thermal system 300L water tank with wood insert
Photovoltaic system Micro-inverters Enphase, self-consumption