6 hybrid panels on the roof of a family home - Lyon (FR)

  • 2017
  • Lyon, France
  • Power output : 1,68kWc + 2,42kWth
  • Panels : 6 panneaux hybrides

Gaëlle worked in renewable energies as a photovoltaic project manager for several years.

Having become the owner of a detached house in Lyon, it was obvious to her that she would have a renewable energy production solution installed.

As she wished to consume in line with her production, she opted for self-consumption, with resale of the surplus.

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Guide : Solar Water Heater

Gaëlle’s testimonial (2017)

What do you think of renewable energies and solar power in particular?

Solar panels are simple and inevitable solutions for the future. Using energy from the sun and wind isn’t new – it always has been, it’s so obvious. It doesn’t deplete any resources, and it’s within almost everyone’s reach… Of course, it’s an investment, but with the inevitable rise in energy costs (both economic and ecological), it quickly pays for itself.

How did you hear about DualSun and why did you choose this technology?

My installer suggested the DualSun solution with mixed solar panels. I found it an interesting solution. I was seduced by the dual efficiency of using 2 types of energy supplied by the same source. What’s more, I benefited from monitoring for each type of production (photovoltaic and thermal), which enabled me to really adapt my consumption to my production. It was essential for me to be able to see exactly how much the system was producing. The fact that the panels are made in France was also a factor in my decision.

How did the job go and are you satisfied today?

Today, I’m very satisfied with my installation. I used the domestic hot water production monitoring system to set the parameters for the operation of the solar water heater’s resistance, so as to get the maximum benefit from solar production. I also use the photovoltaic production monitoring to program my own consumption: washing machine, oven…

Technical information

Characteristics Maison de 4 personnes
Number of panels 6 panneaux solaires hybrides DualSun
Power output 1,68kWc + 2,42kWth
Rooftop installation surimposition en toiture (système K2 Crossrail), orientation sud, inclinaison 30°
Thermal system Ballon de 300L de marque ATLANTIC SOLERIO OPTIMUM 2 EC 300 avec résistance électrique
Photovoltaic system Micro-onduleurs Enphase, autoconsommation de l’électricité avec vente du surplus