A self-consumption installation of 4 hybrid panels in Palavas les Flots

  • 2015
  • Palavas-les-Flots, France
  • Power output : 1kWp + 1.5kWth
  • Panels : 4 hybrid

William Nadal is of Catalan origin, having spent his entire career with Edf in oil drilling. Now retired, he’s enjoying a bit of rest after years of professional travel.

He and his wife moved into this house in 2000, and welcome their children during the vacations (yes, we asked him if he was related to the tennis player, and yes, he replied that they come from the same village, but are not close relatives)!

MyDualSun is a simulation tool appreciated by our customers, who like to be able to carry out a personalized study of their project and see what production and savings they’re going to achieve with their DualSun solar panels.

This project in Palavas les Flots went perfectly smoothly, with a good working relationship with a partner installer located in the region.

The choice of self-consumption innovation

Mr. Nadal’s years in the oil business have made him very aware of energy issues, especially renewable energies. He had already heard about solar panels years ago, but took the plunge recently when he realized that his electricity consumption was high, particularly because of his air conditioning.

Originally, he wanted to install photovoltaic and thermal solar panels side by side, but his installer told him about DualSun, and the prospect of such innovation in self-consumption convinced him!

4 DualSun 2-in-1 panels sufficient for his needs

Mr Nadal’s installation is the perfect illustration of our self-consumption offer.

A sizing study using our MyDualSun tool concluded that 4 DualSun hybrid panels were sufficient for the couple’s needs. With these 4 DualSun self-consumption panels, all the energy produced (electricity and hot water) will be consumed in the house!


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Interview with Philippe Gschwind, co-director of AnéO

Philippe Gschwind (pronounced Chouinde) has been working in the energy business for 30 years. He spent 15 years with a distributor before setting up AnéO in 2008 with a former colleague, Nicolas Besson. Today, Anéo’s core business is heating, although the company operates across the entire energy spectrum (except wind power). Anéo is also working on self-consumption, which he believes to be a good idea.

What do you think of the DualSun solution?

We currently offer 3 DualSun coupling solutions, including 1 combined solar heat pump. If we work with DualSun, it’s because we’re firmly convinced that it’s a product for the future! Damien Despierre, site manager at Anéo, recently said to me: “Why didn’t this exist before? It seems such an obvious solution!

In your opinion, why develop solar energy?

Because we need to decentralize energy production and, of course, improve the energy autonomy of buildings. And also because the sun is an inexhaustible energy source!

Generally speaking, with energy prices on the rise, people are going to want to produce their own energy (this was already a desire in 2010). Solar energy is responding to a desire for self-consumption, and more and more customers today want to consume their own production… but it has to be done rationally.

How do you see solar power in 20 years’ time?

Solar energy is the future, it’s a reliable resource! It will be the preferred energy of the future, and essential for decentralized production.

The development of solar energies is part of the 3rd industrial revolution, along with the development of energy storage.

I believe that solar thermal energy also has potential, but only if it’s managed as a multi-energy system (developing a coherent billing system, which is what killed the solar craze in the first place).

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “2-in-1”?

It makes me think of hybrid cars, which combine 2 technologies. In solar energy, “2-in-1” opens up a whole new world of possibilities. That’s the advantage of this technology’s reciprocity and complementarity: one effectively serves the other.

Technical information

Characteristics House for 2 people
Number of panels 4 DualSun hybrid solar panels
Power output 1kWp + 1.5kWth
Rooftop installation Superimposed orientation -30° (SE) inclination 15° inclination
Thermal system 300L storage tank with Viessmann gas condensing boiler backup hot water storage
Photovoltaic system Enphase microinverters, total self-consumption of electricity production