DualSun hybrid panels replace oil-fired boiler - Pourrières (FR)

  • 2016
  • Pourrières, France
  • Power output : 1.5 kWc +1.5 kWth
  • Panels : 4 hybrides + 2 photovoltaïques

This couple, originally from Yvelines, have been living in the South of France for just over a year. Passionate about gardening, they have gradually adopted the Provencal climate, adorning their garden and veranda with orange trees. The sunshine, ideal for their plants, was also to benefit their home.

In 2016, Frédéric and his wife therefore chose DualSun hybrid panels to meet their electricity and hot water needs and their desire for energy autonomy.

They tell us the details ⬇

“The fact that it was French, local and innovative (2-in-1) was totally in line with our way of thinking. We had to honor French products. Frédéric

Stop oil heating

Frédéric and his wife visited many houses before finding theirs, and almost all of them, including their own, were equipped with oil-fired boilers. Yet fuel oil is a very expensive resource, not to mention the fact that a lot of the equipment was reaching the end of its useful life. Once they owned their home, it was clear that the whole system would have to be replaced, as it was too expensive and too old. Solar energy was a very good alternative.

“Not only did the boiler take up space, it also gave off odours and had an impact on the environment. Replacing an oil-fired boiler was very expensive, so we thought it would be better to install something clean and logical. “Today, we no longer have the negative impact of fuel oil on our conscience” Frédéric

Being self-sufficient

A second factor in favor of solar energy is the quest for autonomy. Both grew up in the countryside: “People are far from the conveniences of the city, so they’re always looking to be independent and self-sufficient. That’s our mindset”.

Their next step is to install batteries and become 100% self-sufficient! Today, they produce electricity and domestic hot water free of charge, and feel they have made a logical and well-considered investment.

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Opting for a French innovation

They chose our product because it’s French, local and innovative. Then there was the question of available roof space. The fact that DualSun hybrid panels combine both photovoltaic and thermal energy enabled them to benefit from a smaller installation while meeting their dual needs for electricity and domestic hot water.

Frédéric and his wife were also looking for a serious, competent professional to carry out the work: “the company’s reliability is an extremely important criterion”, so putting them in touch with an approved installer from our network was an important point for them.

Technical information

Characteristics House for 2 people
Number of panels 4 panneaux hybrides DualSun + 2 panneaux photovoltaïques
Power output 1.5 kWc +1.5 kWth
Rooftop installation South-facing overlay, 30° inclination
Thermal system Ballon de 300L Sonnenkraft, appoint électrique
Photovoltaic system Autoconsommation de l'électricité