Hybrid solar installation on offices - Rome (IT)

  • 2017
  • Rome, France
  • Power output : 5.25kWp + 3.64kWth
  • Panels : 9 hybrid + 12 photovoltaic

Installed in the center of Rome (Quartiere VIII Tuscolano), DualSun panels promise magnificent yields. Indeed, the Lazio region is located in the south of Italy where the sun is abundant and the temperature is high, a prime location for solar energy.

In 2017, 21 solar panels – 6 hybrid and 12 photovoltaic – were installed on the roof!


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Solar power on offices in Rome

This family chose DualSun technology for their office in Rome, Mamma Mia!

Noting that their electricity and gas consumption was too high, they chose our 2-in-1 solution to produce electricity and hot water. As the Eternal City enjoys plenty of sunshine for most of the year, their offices will soon go from being energy consumers to energy producers. Thanks to solar energy, the office is now energy self-sufficient!

The installation went very smoothly, thanks in particular to the plug & play quick-connectors, which made the job easier. Mr. Bendia, a plumber specializing in heating systems, and Mr. Bellucci, a technician from Egreen Srl, were very pleased with our DualSun 2-in-1 solution and will be using it on future projects.

DualSun hybrid technology

Our DualSun hybrid technology is particularly well suited to this region.

In fact, standard photovoltaic panels convert only 20% of the sun’s energy into electricity, while the remaining 80% is lost as heat… Our DualSun panels, on the other hand, are designed to recover this waste heat thanks to a heat exchanger that heats domestic hot water while cooling the cells.

Our solar panel produces more electricity than a standard photovoltaic panel, and hot water to boot!



Technical information

Characteristics Ofiice
Number of panels 9 DualSun panels + 12 standard Qcells photovoltaic panels
Power output 5.25kWp + 3.64kWth
Rooftop installation Roof integration, south-west facing, 15° inclination
Thermal system 1 Cordivari 500L storage tank, backed up by a Lanimox pellet boiler (tremoboiler model, 24kW)
Photovoltaic system Inverter Victron Energy Phoenix, Crown USA battery, Self-consumption of electricity