Passive house with hybrid solar installation - Vaucluse (FR)

  • 2013
  • Power output : 3kWc + 4,49kWth
  • Panels : 12 hybrid

Mr. Bonafous is a legend at DualSun because he has followed our development with passion for many years, from the very beginning!

His solar hybrid installation, both photovoltaic and thermal, dates back to 2013, when the DualSun innovation was launched. 12 DualSun solar panels are integrated into its roof. The aesthetic result is a perfect fit.

Mr. Bonnafous sells his electricity production on the network and thus benefits from a photovoltaic feed-in tariff equivalent to the tariffs applied in 2013. His contract runs until 2033. He will have to sign a new contract at that time. In the meantime, he is amortizing his installation from day to day.


 “The right meeting at the right time made DualSun offer me the perfect product for my home!”

Highly motivated to test our product in preview, Mr. Bonafous understands our system and its complexity. A former EPS teacher, Mr. Bonafous also wrote articles for a cycling magazine. With a very adventurous spirit, he embarked “alone” on the adventure of building a BBC house using passive solar architectural principles. Our dual technology, both photovoltaic and thermal, therefore naturally finds its place on his roof. Mr. Bonafous is more than a motivated customer, he was also one of the founders of the Groupement Photovoltaïque du Lubéron!

Client’s testimony


“I built my eco-friendly wooden house on my own, on which I naturally wanted to install solar panels. The photovoltaic and thermal concept suited me perfectly. I was very, very satisfied with the DualSun technology and the support I received. The photovoltaic production is very efficient because the thermal part cools the panels and therefore there is a surplus of production. The thermal part heats the water for me 8 months out of 12, only thanks to solar energy”. Mr. Bonafous

Technical information

Characteristics House for 4 people
Number of panels 12 DualSun Hybrid Solar Panels
Power output 3kWc + 4,49kWth
Rooftop installation In-roof (EASYROOF system), south-facing, inclination 20°.
Thermal system 400L balloon, electric booster
Photovoltaic system Total sale of electricity to EDF