24 solar panels on a house in Savoie (FR)

  • Avant 2015
  • Ugine, France
  • Power output : 6kWp + 2.24kWth
  • Panels : 6 hybrid + 18 photovoltaic

At the Poignot family home in Ugine, between Albertville and Lake Annecy in Savoie, the energy transition is taken seriously.

By equipping their home with PVT DualSun panels – the world’s first certified hybrid solar panels – the couple and their two children have made the choice to save money in the long term while respecting the environment.

In 2014, they had 24 solar panels installed on their home: 6 DualSun hybrid panels and 18 photovoltaic panels!

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Choosing green technology

Madame Poignot is a teacher in a vocational high school. As for her husband, he runs the C.A.P.S (Comité d’Action Précarité Solidarité), a non-profit recycling center in Albertville that collects objects in good condition and resells them at low prices. An admirable and useful initiative that speaks volumes about Mr. Poignot’s philosophy.

Since 2006, the couple and their two sons, aged 10 and 12, have lived in a house in the small town of Ugine, 20 km from the famous Lake Annecy.

After moving in, the Poignots installed a wood-burning stove and electric shutters with insulation to save energy and keep the heat in.

They were then approached by a solar panel company offering a deal too good to be true. The family declined the offer, but did not lose sight of their initial goal of using renewable energies for their home.

Aware that resources are not inexhaustible, and keen to take their commitment to the planet a step further while saving money, they decided to become energy producers by equipping their home with DualSun solar panels.

Their installation enables them to sell all the electricity they produce to EDF at an attractive rate. The hot water produced at the same time is consumed in the home for conventional domestic hot water needs (showers, washing machines, etc.).

Installing solar panels is a real long-term investment, which is why it’s so important to call on the services of professionals to ensure long-lasting, successful results.

DualSun and its installation partners

Leaving nothing to chance, the Poignots contacted FrancEnergies on the advice of a neighbor. They were interested in two photovoltaic systems and a solar water heater, and after a personalized study, the company suggested a DualSun hybrid system to get 2 in 1!

The alternative convinced the whole family, who were keen to find an efficient solution for heating their home while preserving the environment.

Technical summary of the installation

In August 2014, 6 DualSun hybrid panels and 18 photovoltaic panels were integrated directly onto the roof of the Ugine house. These 24 panels were fixed in place of the existing tiles, guaranteeing the roof’s watertightness and mechanical strength.

A 300L solar storage tank is connected to the 6 DualSun panels to meet the family’s hot water needs. It is equipped with an electric booster, essential on days when the sun isn’t shining. The Poignots will sell all the electricity generated by this system to EDF.

The next step for the Poignots, who want to take their energy-saving approach one step further, is an electric car. There’s no stopping them now, especially as local photovoltaic electricity production would make recharging the car’s electric battery totally environmentally friendly!

Thanks to their DualSun solar system, the Poignot family will earn over €50k over the lifetime of the system!


Technical information

Characteristics House for 4 people
Number of panels 6 DualSun hybrid panels + 18 Solarwatt photovoltaic panels
Power output 6kWp + 2.24kWth
Rooftop installation Roof integration (EASYROOF system), south-east facing, 40° slope
Thermal system 300L storage tank, electric back-up
Photovoltaic system Total sale of electricity to EDF