Solar heating with hybrid solar - Haute Savoie (FR)

  • 2015
  • Veyrier-du-Lac, France
  • Power output : 3kWp + 4.49kWth
  • Panels : 12 hybrids

Jean-François is a long-haul captain with Air France.

With his wife and 3 children, he has been living in a very old house in the Haute Savoie region for the past 15 years. In the past, there were vineyards and horses here, and the curved roof still bears traces of this: the attic was used to store horse feed.

Jean-François has long been interested in renewable energies. He heard about us when he was looking for a solar heating system to reduce his dependence on his gas boiler. He liked our DualSun system right away.

Jean-François then contacted us following an article in Le Journal about the certification of our panels. A few days later, he decided to install 12 DualSun hybrid solar panels (20 m²) on his roof.

Jean-François’ installation in Veyrier du Lac is remarkable on several levels.

Not only did he choose to renovate his old house using environmentally-friendly materials, but he also chose to use our DualSun hybrid panels to heat his home in winter.

DualSun solar heating

Because he was looking for an efficient system to reduce his dependence on his gas boiler, he opted for a solar installation with hybrid panels. On his project, DualSun became a 3-in-1 solar panel for hot water + electricity + heating!

On this project, DualSun contributes to all the home’s energy needs.

In winter, the DualSun hybrid panels will produce electricity, domestic hot water and help heat the house.
In summer, DualSun hybrid panels produce electricity, domestic hot water and heat your swimming pool!

Solar heating under certain conditions

We’ve explained it here, but we’ll say it again: solar heating is only relevant under certain conditions.

Jean-François’ installation is relevant because his roof is well oriented (south-east) and sloped (36°), and above all, he has a heating system consisting of low-temperature radiators.

Jean-François’ motivation is to reduce his gas consumption as much as possible, particularly when it comes to heating his swimming pool. From an economic point of view, the chosen configuration is a little more expensive than a conventional DualSun installation.

But in his case, there’s more energy produced, which leads to similar profitability in the end. As a result, Jean-François will cut his gas consumption considerably.

Technical information

Characteristics House for 4 people
Number of panels 12 DualSun hybrid solar panels
Power output 3kWp + 4.49kWth
Rooftop installation Roof integration (EASYROOF system), south-east facing, 36° slope
Thermal system 2 x 300L storage tanks with gas boiler back-up
Photovoltaic system Total sale of electricity to EDF