DualSun Spring: A hybrid solar panel

Pushing the limits of solar power

Created in 2010, DualSun’s passionate team of engineers have worked endlessly to present a revolutionary solar panel : the DualSun Spring.


Spring is a hybrid solar panel, designed in Provence and made in France.

The DualSun technology thus allows a double production of energy, electricity and hot water, with one unique solar panel, without changing the size or design of a standard photovoltaic panel.

DualSun is a major technological innovation that responds to the ensemble of our buildings’ energy needs all while minimizing rooftop surface.







The hybrid solar panel

The DualSun Spring panel redefines energy autonomy by concentrating production capacities in one unique innovative panel.


A standard photovoltaic panel generates 80% heat and only 20% electricity.

This heat is not only wasted, but is adverse to the panel’s photovoltaic efficiency which decreases as temperature increases.

Thanks to its innovative heat exchanger and the water circulating behind the photovoltaic cells, the DualSun Spring panel is constantly cooled which allows it to generate more electricity than a standard photovoltaic panel.

This is the DualBoost effect.



The backside of the DualSun Spring panel is composed of a polypropylene heat exchanger protected by 3 international patents. The water that circulates through the exchanger is warmed by the heat dissipated from the photovoltaic cells and can reach temperatures up to 70°C.


The heated water can then be used for different heating needs of the building : domestic hot water, pool heating, and even space heating with a combined system. The heated water can then be used for different heating needs of the building.

With the DualSun Spring, you can do domestic hot water, pool heating, and even space heating with a combined system.

 This is the DualHeat effect.

Discover how Spring works

Spring is thus the successful union of two solar technologies :

– photovoltaic solar : with optimized production of photovoltaic electricity on the frontside

– thermal solar : with the generation of solar hot water on the backside by recycling the wasted heat of the photovoltaic cells

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Technical characteristics

The DualSun Spring panel is composed of 160 different parts, assembled over the course of 50 manufacturing operations

The Spring’s patented thermal heat exchanger is composed of 165 channels that are 5mm in diameter, allowing the water to circulate through the panel and optimize the heat transfer with the photovoltaic cells

More than 100 safety and quality checks are conducted during the manufacturing process, guaranteeing the quality and robustness of each Spring panel as it leaves the DualSun manufacturing site. 

Length :
167,7 cm
Width :
99 cm
Volume of heat exchanger :
5 liters
Photovoltaic cells :

Electric connectors :

MC4 connectors, market reference

Hydraulic connectors :

DualQuickfit® connectors allowing for a fast and secure Plug’n Play installation

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