Campground in Veynes (FR)

Campground in Veynes (FR)

In 2017, this 4-star campground built a new 400m2 sanitation facility for showers, toilets, and washing machines.  36 DualSun hybrid solar panels (9kWp) were installed directly in-roof, reducing the need for one part of the roofing.

The hot water generated by the panels is used for the showers and the electricity is fed and sold to the grid.  In addition to this new building, 10 new SOLAIREBOX cabins were constructed, each equipped with 9kWp of standard PV panels, and the campground plans to build two additional 250kWp canopy PV installations in the parking lot, for a total of 600kWp on the site, bravo!

Technical Information

Number of solar panels36 DualSun hybrid solar panels
Power output9kWp + 14.54kWth
Roof installationIn-roof installation (Mecosun), south facing, 25° tilt
Thermal system3000L hot water tank
Photovoltaic systemAll electricity is fed and sold to the grid
Installation date

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