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Pool heating with hybrid solar panels – Ocean Reef (AU)

Pool heating with hybrid solar panels – Ocean Reef (AU)

This customer initially wanted to removed their existing solar pool heating system to make rooftop space for a new PV solar system to help reduce their rising energy bills.  The customer contacted Supreme Heating upon learning about Heatseeker DualSun. Impressed by the two-in-one solar solution that Heatseeker DualSun provides, the customer saw an opportunity to reduce their energy expenses without having to sacrifice their solar pool heating.

Evaluating the customer’s energy needs and pool heating requirements, Supreme Heating proposed a 10.08kWp & 28.58Wth system consisting of 36 Heatseeker DualSun panels. The system design was comprised of 18 panels on the North East facing roof and 18 panels on the North West facing roof, taking advantage of exposure to the sun throughout the entire day.

With a thermal output of 170kWh/day, the system provides ample coverage to adequately heat the customers 60,000L in-ground swimming pool to average temperatures of 28°C to 30°C throughout the swimming season between the months of September and April.

The Heatseeker DualSun system is also capable of generating an average of 52kWh/day, covering over 100% of the customer’s $4,200 worth of annual energy expenses.

With average energy savings of $7,395 per annum, the customer can expect that their Heatseeker DualSun system to pay for itself within just 6 years, based on current energy prices.  The equivalent cost of using an inverter heat pump to create the same energy outputs of the solar system would be $2,709, negating the benefit of the electrical savings provided by a standard PV system.

Technical Information

CharacteristicsPrivate swimming pool with a volume of 60m3
Number of solar panels36 DualSun hybrid panels (60m2)
Power output10,08 kWp + 28,58 kWth
Roof installationOnroof
Photovoltaic systemFronius 8.6 Single Phase Inverter
Installation date

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