Ecological approach and economic reality: a factory in Cestas installs 87 solar panels

  • 2023
  • Cestas, France
  • Power output : 32 kWp
  • Panels : 87 photovoltaic panels

Since Ducasse Buzet went solar in 2023, they’ve achieved almost 80% self-consumption in the first 3 months, well beyond their expectations!

Here’s a look back at why these Cestas-based cork producers decided to install 87 DualSun FLASH solar panels!

“For the survival of the company, we need to find energy solutions”. Guillaume

Guillaume Laborde is Production Manager at Ducasse-Buzet, manufacturers of cork stoppers for 200 years. He explains that his company switched to solar power for the following reasons.

☝️ First point: available space. The production facility is spread over three 4,000 m2 buildings facing east and south. So there’s plenty of room to install solar panels, because even to the east, solar panels produce well!

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✌️ Second point: corporate environmental responsibility. The Ducasse-Buzet establishments are committed to a CSR (corporate social responsibility) approach. As a reminder, CSR is a company’s contribution to the challenges of sustainable development. The installation of solar panels is perfectly in line with this approach. Now, thanks to photovoltaic panels, the manufacture of corks has a negative carbon footprint!

???? Third point: the economic challenge. Indeed, from an economic point of view, Guillaume Laborde wanted to be able to control the plant’s energy bill. Because, like all production sites, sudden increases in electricity and gas prices have jeopardized the business. Now, with self-consumption, the price of electricity is fixed for 20 years!

Thanks to our MyDualSun solar simulator, Guillaume was able to visualize the project and was then put in touch with a partner installation company, certified to install our FLASH solar panels. It took 1 month to install and connect everything.

Technical information

Characteristics Factory
Number of panels 87 DualSun FLASH photovoltaic panels
Power output 32 kWp